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The MEGA Building Solution


The MEGA Alternative Building System uses composites of expanded polystyrene (EPS), also called Styrofoam, coated on both sides with glass-fiber-reinforced-concrete (GFC/GFRC) for all structural members. These commonly used building materials are lightweight, thermal-insulating, sound-attenuating, inexpensive to maintain, exceedingly durable and inexpensive. Nonetheless, these materials had limited application in the building industry in the past because there had been no practical means for predicting the structural performance of buildings using these composites as structural members. Professional designers, unable to calculate stress loads and predict how a building using these composites for primary structural members would perform in hurricanes and earthquakes, etc., were therefore unable to use these composites as structural members for buildings designed for human habitation.


aintenance Friendly







Elements of the MEGA System


Mega Green Construction, (Pty) Ltd has developed the following elements of the MEGA Building System:


  • MEGA Floor System

  • MEGA Walling System

  • MEGA Beam System

  • MEGA Multi-storey System

  • MEGA Roofing System

Building a home in a one-minute clip using the MEGA Green System.

Applications of the MEGA Building Solution:


The MEGA Building System is ideal for most popular building applications, from basic or decorative perimeter walling, low- cost housing schemes to complex architectural home designs. The versatility and adaptability of the system lend itself to complex decorative designs without compromising structural integrity. Many times the wide-ranging characteristics of the system allow designers to exclude costly conventional materials in their designs where reinforcing, thermal-insulation, sound-attenuation, surface preparation, and even waterproofing is required.

MEGA Building Solution.jpg

Easy Installation Process:

The MEGA Building System is extremely easy and quick to construct compared to conventional building processes. The lightweight EPS panels demand little effort to “glue” into place with a special adhesive. Recesses for plumbing and electrical conduit are easily cut at super fast pace into the EPS panels with specially developed inexpensive tools. After the plumbing and electrical conduit has been installed the GFRC mixture is then applied to the EPS panels, either by hand with a trowel or sprayed on and then smoothed with a trowel. The curing of the construction takes approximately three days after which it is ready to receive various finishing coatings.

Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC):

GFRC is a composite material consisting of Portland cement, fine aggregate, water, alkali-resistant glass fibres and other additives which when mixed in delicate proportions and manufactured under controlled conditions with appropriate equipment, achieves physical properties that allow it to be used in numerous applications. Extensive research and industry experience has shown that the composite has a significant flexural, tensile and impact strength, provided it is mixed, compacted and cured properly.

Wall to foundation details.jpg
Assembly of roof beams to wall section.j
Cutting recesses in the EPS panel for plumbing and electrical conduit is easy and fast.
Cutting in EPS Panels.jpg
Cutting in EPS Panels.jpg
Cutting in EPS Panels.jpg
Cutting in EPS Panels.jpg

Cost Effectiveness

Wall to foundation details


  • Low Skilled Labour: Relatively low skilled labor and few tools are required to assemble the structure which is a friendly and easy installation process.

  • Building time is significantly reduced at all levels of the building process - from the concrete footers to the walls, floors, doors, windows, and roofs. This is accomplished by both the size of components installed as well as the faster curing time–it, therefore, takes a fraction of conventional building.

  • Waste reduction: There is little to virtually no waste available, panels are pre-cut off-site and delivered at the time of installation. All other necessary materials are installed upon delivery. This also reduces the risk of theft of material from the building site.

  • Lower Cost of Material: Much of the core material (EPS) is not driven by the same price factors that are currently driving up building costs. The use of less traditional building material such as cement, bricks, brick-force, timber, roof tiles, etc., waste are reduced to a minimum which implies great savings on materials.

  • Lower Running Costs: Even after construction the proud owner of a MEGA Structure home will enjoy the benefits from ongoing savings due to the enhanced insulation quality that boosts greater energy efficiency and nominal maintenance.

Standard Components and Elements:

- Footing
- Stem Wall (External/Internal)
- Stem Wall Corners (External/Internal)
- Stem Wall T-joins (External/Internal)
- Floor Panels
- Floor Finishing
- Wall Panels (Standard) (External/Internal)
- Wall Panels (Filler) (External/Internal)
- Wall Panels Corners (External/Internal)
- Wall Panels T-joins (External/Internal)
- Multi-Storey I-Beams
- Multi-Storey Wall to I-Beam join
- Second Storey Walling System
- Roof Component (Various Types)
- Fixtures (wall hangings)
- Fixtures (BIC and kitchen cupboards)
- Plumbing (internal pipes)
- Plumbing (external fixtures)
- Electrical (conduit and wiring)
- Electrical (external fittings)
- Garden Walls (Pillars and interlocking Walls)

- Garden Walls (installation of electric fencing)

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