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Your Commercial with the MEGA Green Building System


The MEGA Building System uses composites of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) also called styrofoam, coated on both sides with Glass-Fibre-Reinforced Concrete (CFC / GFRC) for all structural members.


Insulated concrete panels, made from the dense EPS, provide versatile structural framing, superior insulation, and exterior sheathing. The GFRC material provides significant flexural, tensile and impact strength and is 3 to 3 times the strength of steel.


There are four amazing advantages of using and building with the MEGA Building System; earthquake resistant, lightweight construction, restricts differential settlement and is fire resistant.


By using the MEGA Green System, you are helping to keep our planet healthy. Our building materials use a significantly less amount of cement and steel in the construction which helps our environment by reducing the carbon footprint, and our buildings and homes are far better energy efficient meaning the less energy is utilized in the heating and cooling. 


Some of the other great advantages of building your commercial business building with the MEGA Green System is we promote environmentally friendly living with new designs that can easily be incorporated. It also provides an effective insect and pest barrier with the strong GFRC outer shield. To insects and pests, EPS is an inert indigestible compound so provides to nutrition to insects.

The Six Key Benefits to Building with Our System


COMPORT. Buildings constructed of EPS have more even temperatures throughout the day and night, fewer drafts, fewer hot and cold spots and more consistent temperature from floor to ceiling.


ENERGY EFFICIENT. The savings come from the same things that make EPS buildings more comfortable. The high insulation of foam, the thermal mass of concrete and the low air infiltration of the foam-concrete sandwich, reduces the long-term costs of heating, cooling, painting and general maintenance.


QUIET. Only about one third as much noise gets through EPS walls. This sharply reduces outside traffic, air traffic, lawnmowers, and storms.


STRENGTH. EPS walls are reinforced with GFRC Concrete which has an excellent record of surviving natural disasters and reduces the spring vibration occupants feel.


DURABILITY. GFRC is a material for the ages. It is resistant to rust, rot, burning, light, oxidation, and pests. EPS walls require little or no maintenance and repair.


DESIGN FLEXIBILITY. EPS walls can take any conventional finish such as plaster, brick, stone, clapboard, hardboard, and vinyl.


To read more about the MEGA Building System, click here.

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