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Every aspect of our purpose, mission and vision will have a direct impact on each individual, family, community, nation, and continent regarding their daily living in their relational, physical, financial, psychological and spiritual well being.

Each ONE, Reach ONE, to

Teach ONE to Reach ONE



Sensitized to the cries of a hurting and dying world, then obedient to God, to meet their needs.


To build 100,000 homes in “New Life Villages” in the next ten years.
To introduce one million people
to a balanced lifestyle.
Our vision is to build a successful and prosperous company by means of the following:
  • Create jobs through factories, franchising networks and successfully developing our people.
  • Training of educationally disadvantaged people.
  • Empowering women to make decisive and valuable life-changing decisions of their own, and to touch the very foundational future of their family, children and ultimately society.
  • Creating a sustainable community through the enabling of those who are impacted by skills and social development to be self-sufficient.
  • To keep our world healthy through green environmental approaches by training and building methods.
  • To provide private education for all children from birth to adulthood.
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