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Each ONE, Reach ONE, to

Teach ONE to Reach ONE

Enjoy one of our favorite songs ... "This is Home"

Our purpose is summed up in a short phrase, and we live by it. "Each One, Reach One, to Teach One to Reach One."

Sensitized to the cries of a hurting and dying world, then obedient to God to meet their needs.

To build 100,000 new homes in "New Life Villages" in the next 10 years. To introduce 1 million people to a balanced lifestyle.


The certificate covers the use of the Mega Building System for the erection of single storey buildings in all areas of South Africa for the following types of occupancy classification (SANS 10400: Table 1 of regulation A (20) (1)) set out below:


  • moderate risk commercial service (B2)

  • low risk commercial service (B3)

  • small shops (F2)

  • offices (G1)

  • domestic residence (H3)

  • dwelling house and other related outbuildings (H4)

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The quality of the MEGA. building system is now affordable at a lower price than the traditional brick and mortor.



We have proudly designed and built churches, guest homes, schools, shopping centres and infrastructure with the MEGA Green building system.

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